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We develop creative, professional concepts and planning for your building technology – coherent overall concepts – in a professional team – with all specialists.

We advise, plan and take over the construction management for you in matters of TGA.

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TGA - Services

1 %

This is currently the cost share of building technology in the total costs of a new building. For that kind of money, the technology concepts have to be really good.

1 %

are the expectations of trade associations for annual growth in the refrigeration industry. Global warming sends its regards.


1 %

is the estimated magnitude of all legacy drinking water facilities that do not meet the current standard.
There is no grandfathering.

Sprinkler systems

1 %

of the planning of safety-related systems are made without the required certificates (DIN 14675, VdS). Who is liable in the event of damage?

Electrical and safety engineering

1 %

are realistic savings potentials in energy consumption in existing electrical installations. And with it, around 40% CO2.

Energy efficiency

1 %

Penguins achieve energy savings by standing together in a circle with regular switching of positions

MSR / Building Automation

1 %

of all large companies (non-SMEs) must have conducted energy audits in accordance with EN 16247-1 or introduced a certified energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 by December 5, 2015 at the latest.haben.

Special topics

1 %
of all construction management end in chaos if the plans are not properly worked out and there is no defined idea of the project goals.

"Houston, we have a problem"

Dr. Dieter Sedlacek

Chairman of the Board

“Houston, we have a problem,” was the message from Apollo 13.
And mission control worked out the solution under the guideline: Failure is not an option!

That’s how we see our project solutions, too.

Failure is not an option.


Our projects

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Production + Industry

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Research + Development

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Federal + state + health

We want to find new approaches and break new ground.

Sabine Sedlacek

Commercial Executive Board

“I don’t want us to be better than the competition. Better than… that’s bad. That’s where you become too similar. We want to find new approaches and break new ground. So more desire for the sea instead of building boats.”



Tomorrow’s buildings need
your planning today.

Whether you are a specialist or a young professional – we are always on the lookout for committed, qualified employees who can identify with our philosophy and would like to enrich our team of planners, consultants and employees.

We are expanding our team and are looking for:

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Practical semester for students of supply engineering, energy management or electrical engineering (m/f/d)

Planner Heating/ Sanitary/ Ventilation/ Supply Engineering (m/f/d)


Customers who trust us.

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